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How can I prepare for CA Final Group 1 in 2 months?
First of all the question is incomplete , you should specify your attempt number.If its your first attempt then its difficult not impossible. I have prepared both group in four month, result cleared 2nd group and 1 exemption in 1st group.Coming to answer part four subjects in two months is not that difficult if you have your basics cleared.The only thing you have to target is that you have to study minimum 12 hrs a day for two months, effectively 9 hours a day.Allocate 10 days to each subject or one or two more or less to particular subject according to your capacity and requirements. Make sure you study according to weightage of topics and you should complete topic and subject within allocated time, remember planning is the most important part.You can also prepare theoretical subject in day time and do practice of practical subject after evening. This also will help you to refresh your mind when you get bored of studying a same subject whole day.So now 20 days left for your first revision i.e 4 days each subject. Just refer it what you have studied in your first study, try to recapitulate things. Do write one practice paper each day for the subject you have taken for revision in evening. Do refer P.M and RTP in your revision. You have to complete revision two days before exams, beleive me you can do it.I have done revision of 8 subjects in just 28 days.I could have written topicwise but every one has different caliber or different grip over topic or subject.Remember, first plan your work then work your plan , Success will be yours.All the best.
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Why aren't you a police officer anymore?
I retired essentially one year early because I was fed up with the way law enforcement was being treated in general in the country, and in CA especially. At the time I retired, I was facing no disciple and my past evaluations, (going back many years) were all “outstanding”, the highest rating possible. I mention this so you will know I didn’t “retire in lieu of being fired” as sometimes occurs. When I say “one year early” I just mean our pension formula maxes out for age at 55 and I was 54 when I retired. After that, the formula increases by 2.62 percent a year for longevity, and I get a 2 percent COLA so working after 55 doesn’t really net me anything..Anyway, the “war on cops” is a real thing. The amount of senseless paperwork has only increased. When we arrest and book someone now, we have to fill out a form as to wether the arrestee, after being bailed out, would care to voluntarily extend his/her time in jail. How ridiculous. “Sir, after you’re free to leave our jail, would you like to stay in jail instead? You can let us know when you want to leave.” The clearance form on the computer after self initiated activity used to be half a page. Now it’s several pages long. They have to capture more info to comply with a CA law against “racial profiling”. Chicago PD wound up having to fill out a similar form resulting in much less self initiated field activity. No surprise, shootings and murders are running at record high levels there. The crime rate in LA will go up as well.. Thanks to new laws in CA (prison “realignment”, Prop 47 etc) tens of thousands of felons are back on the streets to commit new crimes. If you think they won’t, you’re naive and don’t work in the criminal justice system. Previous felony level crimes are now classified as misdemeanors. There is now “misdemeanor theft auto” in CA. In LA county, due to jail overcrowding, most misdemeanors now go unpunished. Shoplifters can no longer be arrested for burglary as in the past (if intent to steal prior to entry could be established). Shoplifting items with a value of $950 is no longer punished. Felony drug possession of cocaine, heroin, and (personal use) are now misdemeanors. Cops aren’t wasting their time much anymore arresting people for mere heroin possession. No, I’m not kidding. Our department, as huge as it is, is short around 2,000 deputies resulting in mandatory overtime. This includes “drafting” deputies working the current shift and holding them over to work the next shift because we would otherwise be falling below minimum staffing in the field (same occurs in the jail system). Detectives are forced to work shifts back in patrol cars in lieu of their regular duties resulting in less time spent working cases. You can bet they aren’t too motivated when they work a patrol car at this point.There are tons of homeless people in LA. Many (possibly most?) have some form of mental illness. They also enter Starbucks and create disturbances and throw rocks at passing cars, necessitating a call to law enforcement. How would you like to deal with a rock throwing mentally ill transient on an almost daily basis? If you hurt him, you’ll be reviled for not being compassionate to a mentally ill poor person. So, you know, keep that in mind. After you 5150 him (psych hold) he’ll be back on the street in a matter of days if not hours. Due to laws that make CA a beacon for the homeless, the homeless population is swelling, increasing calls from storeowners and increasing the likelihood we’ll have to come in conflict with them. (restaurants for some reason don’t like the homeless using the side wall of their store as a latrine, and don’t care for the needles and condoms left on the sidewalk in front of their business…go figure..but it’s not PC to complain about them for large proportions of Californians..cops are caught in the middle)I could go on for many pages. I’ll stop here. The men and women of the LASD do an incredible job, all the more impressive considering the headwinds they face. I truly miss my coworkers. I’m glad to be out of CA however. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.
What is Noogler orientation like?
I did mine in Mountain View CA, other sites may be different. If you have seen the movie with Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson about a Google Internship, it is surprisingly like that, as much as any movie is like reality.The first two days, you and several hundred other Nooglers are in a big room reserved just for orientation. Long tables, a dozen chairs at each. There are forms to fill out, You are given your laptop and your badge, You don't know anyone. Everyone is friendly. It is exciting, overwhelming.Googlers give presentations, 1 hour each. All the standard HR stuff. They manage to make most of them interesting. None are actually boring. You get a tour of the campus. There is a session where you get to meet various groups, e.g. the health insurance people, some of the special interest groups. Someone from your team (or a related team) meets you.You hear about the freshman 15, where everyone puts on 15 pounds their first year at Google. You eat at the cafeterias and understand why.Near the end, you do a “project” just for fun with your table mates. Ever table shares their project with the whole room. Everyone claps, Some of the projects are just so amazing, but all are surprisingly good,You have your Noogler beanie. You go to your first TGIT, Google almost feels like a party, if all frats were from Revenge of the Nerds,Starting with day 3, you have “real” courses that prepare you for your actual job. You learn how to login, how to use the various Google tools.You learn where all the Google sites are around the world and how many computers Google has. You can't share that with anyone, but it is freaking huge. I worked for Intel and thought they had plenty of computers, after all they practically can “print” as many as they need, Well, they are in a distant 2nd place on the Google chart.If you are like me and work elsewhere (i,e. Cambridge MA) you have to leave at the end of the first week. Otherwise, week 2 is more courses.
When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?
Form W-2 is an obligatory form to be completed by every employer. Form W-2 doesn’t have to be filled out by the employee. It is given to inform the employee about the amount of his annual income and taxes withheld from it.You can find a lot of information here: http://bit.ly/2NjjlJi
How can I legally purchase a GLOCK pistol in the US?
Simple answer is:  Don't break any applicable laws while doing it and you'll be good to go!Federal law requires that you be at least 21 years of age to purchase a handgun from an Federal Firearms License holding dealer, but in most states you will need to be 21 or older to legally possess a handgun no matter where you buy it. So, figure age 21 or older, and you'll be safe. Federal law prohibits certain people from possessing firearms or ammunition. The main one is convicted felons, but there are several other similar classes of people, the least of which is anyone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor domestic assault or abuse. Most state laws follow federal law in this regard. In some states, you must have a permit to acquire a handgun. Get it. It's no big deal. It's not a permit to carry, just to acquire. You must have it if you buy a handgun from an individual or even if you accept it as a gift if its from anyone other than immediate family members, such as your parents.After that, buy your Glock. Buying through an FFL dealer is your best bet, but there is generally nothing wrong from buying from an individual if you do it right. Preferably it's someone you already know at least some and have no reason to believe is selling it in bad faith. In other words, your best judgement indicates that it's probably not stolen or has been used to commit a crime with. If you're getting it in the case with accessories at roughly market price and the individual doesn't seem to be in an especially big hurry to sell it, you're probably all right. If he's selling it very cheaply and acts like he wanted it gone yesterday, that's not a good sign and buying from him once you've observed that could potentially expose you to culpability for purchasing a stolen pistol if the authorities come to believe that you should have known the deal wasn't legitimate.Once you purchase it, to be fully legal, I'd recommend lawfully taking it home with you. A locking tool box or a small suitcase, even a cardboard box well secured with tape should be all right. The key is that it's not readily accessible and too large to conceal on your person. Put it in the trunk or somewhere where you can't reach it while driving. Once you're on your own property, you can typically carry or conceal it any way you want with no problem.
Can I fill out the form for the JEE Main 2 still? How?
No! You cannot fill the form now.The official authorities allowed candidates to fill the JEE Main application forms till 1st January 2022 and submit their fees till 2nd January 2018.Now, as the last date is over, you won’t be allowed to fill the form. As you would not like to waster your whole year, you must try other Engineering Exams such as BITSAT, VITEE etc.Go for it! Good Luck!
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