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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ca-17 form

Instructions and Help about Ca-17 form

Hey notaries Christian here with the new video and in this video we've got to talk about the instructions for a notary public address change now I went ahead and I pulled this form up off of the Secretary of State's website I'm gonna go ahead and prthat link in the description box for the video so just go ahead and click on it if you need to do an address change and fill out this form and actually just follow the instructions on this form because all the instructions for the address change are in there as well so it's actually really simple to do this so we're gonna go ahead and go over that now so the instructions for a notary public address change you got a type or print and ink read instructions and information carefully only your signatures should be written all other information should be printed or typed all quit all questions must be answered completely yeah so basically you got a print or a type everything and then if you only sign your signature I don't know how many people still write in cursive but if you guys still write in cursive don't do that you have to print or type although cursive is beautiful and I applaud everybody that knows how to write cursive I know a lot of older people are concerned that the younger generation doesn't know cursive but I respect it but yeah anyways that's besides the topic print or type on this form so go ahead and enter your name exactly as it appears on your current Commission so for example me on my current Commission it says see munguia so I'm not gonna go ahead and enter my name Christian munguia the full way it's just C munguia so that's the way I would write it in and I know some of you have middle names and you didn't include those in the stamp so if you didn't you know make sure to just write your name how it is on the step and how it is on your birth certificate alright so number two is self-explanatory and number three is self-explanatory and you'll see that right now in a second number four enter the name of your principal place of business if you do not work for business or do not have a business name enter is self-employed this is a question that you guys bring up very often but yeah very simple if you do not have a business or do not have a business name enter self-employed your principal place of business this is explanation for five so your principal place of business is where you perform fifty percent or more of your notary duties enter the address of your principal place of business do not repeal Box number if your principal place of business has no street and number address enter the nearest intersection or Street highway or Road name or number.


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