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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ca 7 form post office

Instructions and Help about Ca 7 form post office

In this tutorial I'm going to show you to create a multi-step contact form seven form where you have your forms split up among multiple pages and each page has an X button that goes to the next page and then an email is not sent until the very last page where all the data is compiled and sent out to wherever you're sending it and we're getting started right now hey what's up guys welcome back to another video it's Bjorn from WP learning lab where we help you get better at WordPress so you can earn more for yourself for your clients and for your business if it's your first time here and you like WordPress tips and tricks and getting better at it and serving your clients better then start now by clicking subscribe click like the Bell notification icon so you don't miss anything and make sure you sign up for the private WP moon lab Facebook group where we can hang out ask questions help each other get better at WordPress there's a link in the description down below so make sure you check that out and with that out of the way let's head on the screen capture to get started with the multi-step form let's go to plugins and then add new and then search for contact form 7 multi-step the plugin we want is right here 10,000 installs four and a half stars updated four days ago kepada with the current version looks pretty good but you should always back up your set files and database before install a new plugin tutorial above to show you how to do that it's also in the description down below I'm gonna click on Install Now because I'm on my demo site I'm not too concerned about it breaking then click on activate here to ask you if you want to send usage data to the developer so they can approve the plug-in you can choose to allow or not I'm just gonna skip that for now and now we have our multi-step plug-in installed to make this plug-in work we have to create as many pages as we have pages for our multi-step form so if your form is going to be spanning three pages we have to create three pages that are going to contain three different form codes so I'm gonna create those pages first just really quickly go to pages add new gonna hold down command control for Windows and just click add new three times I've got three new tabs I'm gonna make three new pages so let's go into the first page I'm just going to call this form page one copy that publish it form page to publish it for in play age three publish it and what we're gonna need is the URLs of these pages and because mine are all called form page in the followed by a number I know those URLs off by.


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